We can only predict but nature will show us what it has in mind for each breeding.   We cannot predict gender!

Breeder reserves the right to change stud as necessary and without notification

Upcoming Spring and Summer Litters

Updated 1/15/21

Winter/Spring Litters for 2021 Reservations

Another sought after, repeat breeding. Cheyenne and Shookie had not only a beautiful litter, but an incredibly smart one as well.  In colors of cream, apricot and red ,we just could not resist this breeding and looking forward to seeing how different this litter may be from the last.  Expected to be 20 to 25 pounds full grown. Shook is a very handsome mate.  He loves his family and they love him even more.  He could easily have been a therapy dog.

Spring Litters

Ruby Dee, still our cat/dog.  Love her temperament so much. She is such the consummate cuddle bug.   This will be a first time for her and for Zack.  Zack is a newcomer and we are excited to see what he will produce.  Nizmo is an adorable boy who is absolutely the perfect companion. Sweet, gentle and so very, very loving. Expecting pups in apricot, red and caramel, some with white markings. 

A much sought after repeat breeding for Trixie and Seamus.  Expected to be around 30 to 34 pounds full grown, both these two have such phenomenal dispositions. Kingsly, loves to play, go for long walks and just be around his family.  Trixie, so super attentive and very smart indeed.  Pups are expected to be red, apricot and perhaps cream, some with white markings. 

Summertime Litters

 Our Princess Elsa is the most loving little girl. Very intuitive and loves waking up her "little" mama every morning for school.  She is greatly loved by her guardian family and is my granddog.  Zack is the man.  Well built, regal in stance he is a mussy sweetie pie.  Zack has not met one he did not like and enjoys being around people the most.  Just look at those eyes.  Expecting large mini to small medium with wavy coats in red, apricot and caramel, some with white markings.

Miss Ellie Mae, Ellie is my little human dog. She is amazingly smart, loves her family is very aware and processes information incredibly well.  She is both sassy and sweet and will occasionally give you the side eye. Shookie man is such a little gentleman.  Loves people and other dogs, loves beach time and hanging with mom and dad. Shookie is adored by his family and anyone who meets him.  Expecting small medium and large mini in shades of cream, caramel, red and appricot.

Miss Aspen and Mr. Romeo will have their very first litter. We are so excited and are looking forward to these little beauties.  Romeo loves to play, go on long walks, snuggle and keep abreast of household matters. Sweet, sweet Miss Aspen is just a doll.  So gentle, so loving, so cuddly cute.  She gets along with all and is just loving life.  We are expecting a litter of red, caramel, apricot, some parti or tuxedo.

Expected late 2021