We can only predict but nature will show us what it has in mind for each breeding.   We cannot predict gender!

Breeder reserves the right to change stud as necessary and without notification

Fall & Winter Litters for 2020/21 Reservations

Updated 10/23/20

Ellie Mae is our human dog. We forgot to tell her that she was a canine. She is so incredibly smart and mimics your behavior.  She is also an outstanding therapy dog. Mr. Shook is just the love of his family life. Not only handsome, but loving, gentle and kind. He is such a joy to be around. These two are a repeat breeding as their last litter was fabulous. Expecting cream, apricot or caramel pups, some with white markings, at approximately 23 to 28 pounds full grown.

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IMG_2472 Ellie LItter.jpg

Miss Pebbles is always the quintessential sweetheart. She loves her family and is always ready to cuddle.Patches is a great, high flying ball player and the two are the perfect match. Expecting cream to red with maybe parti in same colors, weighing between 22 and 27 pounds full grown.

Pebbles 7 10 17.jpg

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Sienna Rain, always a favorite. She is a self taught medical alert dog for her family and is just so in tune to what is happening in her family. Always watchful and willing to go for a good walk or cuddle with you. Mr McDuffy is the neighborhood sweetheart. Being such a handsome boy he pulls in all the attention. He is playful, and absolutely loves his human sister as she does him.  Expecting pups in the cream to apricot colors, weighing in at 20 to 26 pounds full grown.

Sienna Rain.jpg

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Harmony Ann aka Savannah is our smallest and oh so sweet baby girl!. Harmony weighs in at 12 pounds; her parents were much bigger. She and Rusty (a Tangled son) and only 16 pounds for him, made a beautiful litter for the first breeding and as a result we are doing a repeat.  Expected to be 12 to 16 pounds full grow, in colors of cream to red. 

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Lady, is our Tangled's daughter. Like her mom, funny, sweet, attached, smart as a whip and a great best friend to her little boys. She has such a caring disposition and loves to be around people.  Kingsly, is our teddy bear and a very lovable one at that. he is always up for a walk, a game of ball and just plain snuggling.  Expecting cream, apricot and/or caramel pups, some with white markings, in the24 to 30 pound range.