The Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A), has the most stringent testing requirements for all Authentic Australian Labradoodles.  Every breeding dog is issued a registration number and a grading once they have completed their health testing.  Once all test results have been submitted by the breeder and approved, the registration number is issued. If you do not see a current ALCA Logo - Do not purchase a puppy without requesting to see health testing for that dog.

We can only predict but nature will show us what it has in mind for each breeding.  Gender cannot be determine until birth!

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Breeder reserves the right to change stud as necessary and without notification

Upcoming Spring 2022 Litters

Keep in mind when selecting no preference as it pertains to male or female, this preference allows those who specified to select the requested gender first.

Spring Litters 2022 - Due February & March

Remember, when selecting No Preference, you are saying you will take any puppy available.  

Updated 1/17/22

Lady is a sweet, very smart little girl who loves long walks, people and playing.  She loves to sit with you and is always very attentive.  Beebo lives with his mom, Raleigh.  He is extremely smart, very companion oriented, and loves a good game of ball, long walks and meeting new people.  He can also be your very best couch buddy.  We are expecting large mini and small medium pups in  chocolate, cream and caramel, some with white markings and fleece coats.

Expecting pups February  2022



This will be a first time litter for Sadie Blue. Sadie is much loved by her family and is a sweet as she is cute.  Sadie is a Stormie granddaughter and as such we were so happy to have her join our ladies, it was like coming back home.  Zack, her sire to be makes beautiful pups, is also very much a fun playful guy that has never met anyone he did not like.   We are expecting large mini in cream red, apricot or caramel.

Expecting pups February  2022

Sadie Kiki.jpg


Bailey Blue.jpg

Miss Elsa is the sweetest little love ever. Seamus, our big guy has an amazing temperament. Together, these two not only have gorgeous litters but also fun, playful, cuddlers that happen to also be be extremely smart as well.  We are expecting large mini and and some medium pups.  They should reminiscent of their parents with both parti and solids, many with white markings.

Expecting pups February  2022




Little Tinka is just a sweetheart. She is so intuned with her human family. She is gentle with the two legged humans and thoroughly enjoys long walks and cuddles.  Bailey Blue is a happy go lucky little guy. Loves to play, walk hike and cuddle. Bailey just wants to have fun. We are expecting apricots, caramel and cream, some with white markings @ approximately 16 to 20 pounds full grown.

Expecting pups February  2022




Miss Aspen has a very gentle and therapeutic disposition.  It is impossible not to just fall in love with her. Seamus, our big guy has an amazing temperament as well. Together, these two not only have gorgeous litters but also fun, playful, cuddle pups that happen to also be be extremely smart and will warm your heart.  We are expecting large mini with this litter.  They should be reminiscent of their parents with both parti and some with white mismarks. 

Expecting pups late February  2022

Aspen 2.jpg



Bella Blue is a dream girl. She has such a laid back demeanor.  She stays close to you but is ok with just keeping an eye out. She loves cuddles and her eyes are so instense, they require you look directly at her.  Such an amazing, loving, girl. So very graceful and fun loving, always great to have around and will definitely cheer you up. Max is a medium and so we expect both large mini and small medium from the breeding.  We are expecting chocolate, (chocolate can be café, parchment or lavender) black and perhaps cream colored pups from this breeding, some with white markings.

Expecting pups March 2022



Shadow and George Litter