All pups are $3000.00 with a $400.00 non-refundable deposit!  

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Lola/Hudson litter, what we call the Chicken nugget crew!

Deposits are non refundable but will carry over and or be held for better timing

A puppy is essential to life.  Breed well, train well, love well and you get a loyal friend for life!!!

Lake Blue Labradoodles Zoe, a black femal with pink halter and hair bow

Zoe is a Willa/Hudson baby girl.

All of our breeder dogs and puppies are lovingly hand reared in our home, well...their home, cause we just live here with them.  We get to see their true personalities (which we love), and they are all so different.  Our focus is on quality, as a breeder they become like our children and so we study them to make sure we are providing everything they need to become the best that they can be; temperament, conformation, health, are all traits we are constantly evaluating for; these traits are the heart of our breeding program.  Love, adoration and cuddling are all free.  You see, our desire is to produce the best puppy possible for your family, one that you will enjoy for a lifetime.  When you purchase a puppy from us we want to be able to tell you as much as possible about the sire and dam and their little offspring.  Keep in mind that your purchase price includes:

    - Two puppy examinations, 3-5 days of age (wellness) and 6-7 weeks of age (first round of puppy shots),
    - De-worming at two, four and six weeks of age,

     -Age appropriate shot and health records,

     -Contract with 2 year health guarantee,

     - Leash and collar,
     -Five Generation Australian Labradoodle Pedigree,
     -Registration with Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A.),
     -A sample of their puppy food lasting 3-5 days,     
     -A plush toy with litter mate and mom's scent on it,
     -Early Neurological Stimulation, pre potty training and noise intergration, socialization with other dogs and people, and the Volhard Temperament test.
     -Lifetime support for your new puppy


If you are contacting us to schedule a visit, please first take the time to complete our Adoption Application; we are not a kennel and therefore must make special arrangements for serious clients. Our dogs live in our home with us and visits with puppies will only be allowed to clients on our wait list.  Visits with the parents can be arranged after we have sent all pups to their forever home.  We apologize but our pups health is of the utmost importance to us.


All puppies are $3000.00.  You may pay with cash, check or money order.   If paying by check it must be received and cleared before puppy reaches seven weeks of age.  If paying by PayPal an additional processing fee of 2.9% per transaction does apply.  However, if paying directly from your bank account via PayPal there is no fee; see table below.    


A $400.00 deposit and a completed application are necessary to gain the next spot on the waitlist. Once your puppy arrives you will be sent an invoice for $1300.00, with final payment of $1300.00 due at six weeks.  The Purchase Agreement along with a Spay and Neuter Contract will be sent after the puppy party which takes place at six weeks of age.  Deposits are not refundable but if there are not enough pups born or requested gender you will have an opportunity to defer to a different litter that may better meet your time frame or preferences. However, if a full payment has been received for a puppy in an upcoming litter that person retains their place on the wait list and is not moved when someone drops down.  Additionally, when arbitrarily moving from one litter to another you will fall in line behind those who have already placed deposits for that particular litter.  Final payment for your puppy must be received when puppy reaches six weeks of age.  If we travel to meet you, or deliver your puppy, different cost will incur, not always but may, and must be submitted prior to delivery date; typically, the cost of gas and meals to your location up to 100 miles. We truly encourage you to plan a visit once your litter has been born.  Breeder retains the right to change sires as necessary while maintaining the integrity of the breeding.


As most labradoodles are sold already spayed/neutered when they come home with you, here in Raleigh, my vet does not feel comfortable with early spay/neuter and we concur, therefore, all pups will be sold with a spay/neuter contract.  

We will ship but only with a puppy nanny.  These are great people who fly with the pups often to wherever they are going.  We will not put a puppy in cargo but puppy kindergarten is available if needed.

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Paying with cash, check or 

money order


$3000.00 Cost of puppy

       400.00  Deposit for puppy

$2600.00   Remaining Balance or

$1300..00 x 2 Partial Payment(s)

No FEE - Puppy Deposit $400.00 non-refundable

Puppy Balance $2600.00-Debit

Puppy Balance $2675.00 - Credit

Your Puppy Adoption Application

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CocoaBleu Welcomes You!!

Partial Payment



Partial Payment 2.9% = $1338.00


Full Payment $3000.00


Full Payment

2.9% =  $3087.00- Credit

Transportation Varies upon  destination

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks....Roger Caras

Properly trained...a Man can be dog's best friend.....Corey Ford

When your puppy ARRIVES!!

1.     We will send birth announcements!

2.     We will send pictures of the litter to those who have submitted deposits and applications

3.     You will receive weekly updates about the litter

4.     As time goes on we will share tidbits of information about each puppy, its temperament, likes and dislikes and how they score on testing.

5.    You then get to select the puppy of your choice according to where you are on the wait list.  Armed with all the above information and keeping in mind your life style, special needs and desires,




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