All Pups are $3000.00

Choosing a puppy is a very big decision.  We spend hours trying to find one that will fit our family lifestyle.  Below are some questions you might want to consider.


1.  Do I have the time, and am I willing to train my new puppy?  A well trained dog is a joy as an adult.  

2.  Do I have the time to brush my pup once a week or so to maintain coat or take to a professional groomer about every six weeks?            Matted dogs are miserable, expensive to de-matt (groomers hate to see you coming), or are just shaved down because its so time             consuming.

3.  Will my dog's constant companionship be irritating to me?  They love to be where you are and can be very attentive. That is why  they are companion dogs.

4.  Am I prepared to accept my dog as a part of my family rather than as an outside pet left to its own devices?  (This is huge) The                  Australian labradoodle is purposely bread for companionship not yard dog. If Velcro is a problem please find another breed.

5.  Will I be able to enjoy my dog while offering firm guidance and leadership?  As Cesar Milan says, exercise, discipline and affection,          in that order and, rules, boundaries and limitations, for puppies and dogs will help you develop an awesome family pet.


If you were able to positively answer  the questions above thenyou are about to embark on a super wonderful relationship, as the ideal parent, for an absolutely fabulous, hard to resist, new family member!  So go ahead and send up your application, we are just as excited as you are!



As you complete your application think of what you would really like in a puppy.  Is temperament important to you?  What about color and or markings?  Male or female and why?  Are you active and busy, can your dog go with you?  Are you sedentary and want a laid back kind of pup? Are you steadfast in your requirement(s)? All these are important questions to ponder as you embark on this journey.  


Puppy selection typically occurs at 6 weeks of age and in order of deposit and application received which will be posted on the web site. The order of selection is as follows, (1) Breeder(s), (2) All others in order of receipt of application and deposit. Pictures will be coming weekly, first on the litter's website page, some in your email; finally, social media, FB and IG.       


If the puppy of your dreams is not in this litter, your deposit, while non-refundable, will carry over to the next litter.





Lake Blue Australian Labradoodle; Puppy

Deposits are non refundable but will carry over and or be held for better timing