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Mandavilla Max (2).jpg

Sire - Max

LuluJoy had 6 Beautiful Australian Labradoodle Puppies -- 4 males and 2 females

Born:  04/25/23

Puppy Visitation:  Saturday 6/10/23 - Starts @ 12:30p.m.

Go Home Date:  Saturday 6/24/23


Dam - LuluJoy

As much as we love all our adorable labradoodle puppies we cannot keep them beyond the go home date.  You see, just as we gave yours our full time and attention we have other little ones coming up behind them that also requires our full time and attention along with our adult dogs.  So please plan carefully and please utilize Puppy Kindergarten if you are unable to pick your precious baby up.  Thank you so much for understanding!

A.L.C.A Litter Registration # 237-04252023-4163-FL

Teddy Bear
Watercolor Butterfly 9
Watercolor Butterfly 9

Born 4/25/23

Teddy Bear
Lulu Litter

Miss Lulu's 6 little beauties - Four males and two females 

Watercolor Butterfly 9
Lulu 23 litter.jpg
Lulu 2023 litter 2_edited.jpg
Teddy Bear
8 week old pup
Teddy Bear

Updated 6/22/23


Miss Dior - Breeder pick - Black abstract female with white markings and fleece coat

Watercolor Butterfly 9
Baby puppy at 8 weeks old

Miss Armani - ADOPTED- Black and white parti fleece female


Mr. Fendi - ADOPTED - A chocolate parti fleece coat male


Mr. CocoChannel - Breeder - Chocolate and white parti fleece male


Mr. Tommy Bahama- ADOPTED - Black & white Tuxedo male with fleece coat


Mr. Ralph Lauren - Adopted - Black abstract male with white markings

2022 Litter


Cosmo- Adopted by the Vandeloo fa family


WISDOM - Adopted by the Pekera family 


WISDOM - Adopted by the Cobb family 

Born 8-31-21 - Previous Litter


Billie Joe


Uncle Joe 


Betty Joe 


Bobbie Joe

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Cute puppy with expressive eyes and big
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