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Blue Skies
Puppies wagging their tails as they play

Loyal, Loving, Gentle and Kind; a Doodle is what You should have in Mind!!

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A Registered LLC -  Since 2014

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Lake Blue offers a 10% discount to Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters & Teachers

See so many of our past pups below........Puppy Love in full!

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Premier Breeder of the Authentic, Allergy Friendly, Australian Labradoodle, from the original lines; living in beautiful,

Raleigh, N.C. 

A Pure Breed in Development




Lake Blue Australian Labradoodles...
Your East Coast, Premier Breeder of the  Authentic Australian Labradoodle

Wagging Tails of love          from our home to yours!!!


A.L.C.A. - Australian Labradoodle Club of America - A.L.C.A.
Board Member

We love them and we know you will too!

8 week old apricot puppy
Apricot puppy sitting under an umbrella
Black labradoodle puppy
Three labradoodle puppies
Chocolate labradoodle puppy
Apricot puppy with cowboy hat
Red labradoodle puppy
Black Tangled puppy
Christmas puppy
Labradoodle puppies at photo shoot
Gold apricot puppy 4 weeks old
Smokey Joe photo

In the Beginning.....

Customer review: Tangled, when  my sister brought your boy Finn home, my mom (Finn's Grammy) had a talk with you. She promised you that your baby would be so, so loved, that he would be cared for every day of his life, that our family would cherish him for you.  He turned 6 on Sunday - Father's Day again, just like the day you had him - and we have kept Grammy's promise!  Sirius Finn is absolutely adored and the "goodest" boy; you'd be proud of him, and we certainly are!  He's gone to Europe (twice) and around the US, but his favorite place is in his human Mommy's arms.  We will keep the promises made...Thank you for sharing him with made him quite the special one.


ABOUT US......we are a home based breeder, committed to you as our customers and extended family!  Further committed to providing your family with a well- balanced puppy that is socialized, healthy and happy, from day one.  Our pups are ready and eager to join your family with  wonderful temperaments, playful personalities, very people oriented and totally committed to you.  Although.... a few leather/rubber products might meet with a tad bit of shall we say... unsupervised demolition...maybe ...         

Customer with puppy

We love them and we know you will too!

Foundation labradoodle dogs
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Chocolate labradoodle puppy
Puppy litter
Happy pet parent
Little girl with new pup
Lake Blue puppy and new
Two Lake Blue labradoodle pups in store front window
Black and white puppy with red sweater


Our pups are purpose bred to be human companions.  They are allergy friendly and are often used as therapy, companion, and emotional support dogs.  Australian Labradoodles are exceptionally intelligent, intuitive and athletic.  There are no mistakes here; all our labradoodle puppies are conscientiously bred to bring you a well-loved, socialized, happy go lucky puppy. Bred from the original Rutland and Tegan lines; our doodles are health tested and approved prior to breeding and we also offer a three year health warranty along with lifetime support.   All of our pups are whelped and reared in our home. So whether you are 5 or 75, we have a puppy for you!

The Australian labradoodle comes in three sizes, standard, medium and mini.  We breed the mini and sometimes will have small medium puppies available.  Our goal is to provide your family with a doodle to love that not only fits your family lifestyle, but is also predictable in health, conformation, temperament, coat, and size.  


Labradoodle ClairBear as a pup
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Sienna Rain's litter of six pups

Check us out, too cute for words......

Little girl with new labradoodle puppy
Little boy  with labradoodle puppy
Lake blue Labradoodles Brylee with her pups
Little girl with her new Christmas puppy

Gracie, my Christmas puppy!

lake Blue Foundation


Sweetly Retired

Tangled retired labradoodle dog

Sweetly Retired

Stormie white australian labradoodle dog

Sweetly Retired

Willa sweet Willa now retired

Sweetly Retired

Stormie white labradoodle puppy
Willa's little pup

Stormie G., a beautiful therapy dog temperament!

We take so much pride in our doodles.  They are the funniest, smartest, cutest, little guys, so much personality.  Bred for their wonderful temperament, intuitive nature and overall character; they are non-shedding and don't carry doggie odors. They undergo temperament testing and a host of socialization opportunities are provided as grands come and go, neighbors drop by for cuddles, kitchen noises, loud televisions, children running about, birds singing and dogs barking; extra cuddles, visits by the other doodle family members and on and on.  


All of our dogs live here in the house with us.  Guardian puppies live with their own loving families but visit often.  Mama doodles are whelped here and baby doodles are appropriately exposed to a busy family lifestyle.  All of our doodles receive the best in health care,  as puppies themselves, before breeding, during and after, because we quite simply just love them to pieces and they deserve it. They have a team of vets, health testing, repoduction management, attend NC State Therinology clinic for ultrasounds, progesterone testing, cardiac testing, etc.


So if you see a tear drop or two as you close the door, know that it is the love that has been there before.  Sweet puppy of mine you'll always be, heartbreak it is to say goodbye to thee, know that my prayers are with you and your new family. Blessings sweet puppy...blessings!

REVIEW:      "We can't say enough wonderful things about Lake Blue. We wanted a well-bred puppy, that would be a healthy, happy, member of our family. Fisher has exceeded our expectations....and so did Tina at Lake Blue. Not only did she ensure an excellent pedigree, she took the utmost care of the pups, after they were born. Thanks to her socialization, the beginning of crate and house training, and tons of love, Fisher acclimated to our home and family right away. We got a steady stream of videos and pictures, as well as results from temperament testing. We knew him before we ever brought him home and she even had us send items that had our scent, to familiarize him with us! Communication was open and encouraged. The whole process was something we'll always treasure. Labradoodles are great dogs and Lake Blue is a great breeder, worthy of these pups." K. Benson......Willa's litter

Lake Blue Labradoodles, labradoodle puppy, hypoallergenic puppies
Gold caramel puppy in white chair
Black and white labradoodle litter
Two red pups on picture day
The pups wagging tail
Pup looking off in the distance
Red wagon full of labradoodle pups

Stormie's 2018 litter.

Labradoodles, Labradoodle puppies, Labradoodle puppies for sale, Labradoodles in NC
A little red puppy
CocoaBleu as a pup

Baby - CocoaBleu

Pebbles, a labradoodle puppy
A chocolate and white parti puppy
CocoaBleu on the front porch

CocoaBleu...all grown up

Pebbles                                              Jayla (Raleigh/CocoaBleu)

Labradoodle puppy gold
Jayla labradoodle puppy

We specialize in miniature and small-medium Australian Labradoodles.

REVIEW:  You have bred a superstar! Smart, loving, focused, healthy, beautiful, playful, imaginative, resilient.  ...Can't tell you how much we love this puppy.....Way to go, Lucy! The Gnospelius Family

White newborn puppy
8 week old white labradoodle puppy
Baby lamb.....or puppy???

Review: Tina—Murphy is a scaly-wag...... We love our guy as does everyone for 10 miles. Loves to play with other dogs the bigger the better and loves to play with cats (whether they want to or not). Loves car riding and walking, is a “grazer “ when it comes to food because he is afraid he’ll miss something if he spends too much time eating. Thanks for a great companion. Tad and Judy.   

Cartoon of a big boy and his dog
Willa baby girl at 8 weeks
Black Tangled puppy
Baby Saylor lounging on the sofa
Lake Blue Labradoodles, labradoodle puppy, NC Labradoodle breeder, puppy
Priceless picture of boy with his dog Fisher

Just a PRICELESS picture!!!  Even Fisher looks like he just got caught!

Cartoon of boy and his dog

Little Sean is finding the joys of a first puppy!

Ten red pups at photo shoot
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