Shadow is due any moment now....

Breeding is so much fun. The science behind breeding is fasci

nating. It is now wait on Shadow (Stella) day. Shadow is Tangled's daughter. She favors her a lot, just a different color. Likewise her sister, Saylor her daughter Bleu Ivy and her niece Cheyenne. I love this line as they are square, blocky, cuddly, super fantastically smart so training is a breeze. They love you just as much and life simply would not be the same without them all. The fight in my house is over who will get Tangled should I meet my demise early...smh. Not the material things...just Tangled! So by default, Shadow has status. Now, that being said, Miss Willa is queen bee around here and everbody knows it. Well, except Stormie who thinks she is queen bee and literally talks to you when you don't respond to her hints.

Today is the 58th day and I am anticipating that we will have pups in the next day or two. She has gorgeous pups and each litter is different from the last. So I will update as she updates.

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