Dog Breeding....who knew!

I am a breeder of the Australian Labradoodle. I love the doodle, I love, love, love the doodle. I love their playfulness, the softness of their coat, their tremendous intelligence, their willingness to love, their ability to make you laugh, their desire to cuddle with you, their ability to run, walk or jog with you. I love that they don't shed, are relatively easy to care for and aren't chock full of health issues. I love that they are all different, just like your kids, no matter how many you have, they are all different; different sizes, different shapes, different colors and different temperaments,.

I never thought, I never thought. I never thought that if you have a problem with my dogs then its ok for you not to come to my house, you won't hurt my feelings.

I never knew that their cycle was so similar to humans, their whelping (birthing) exhilarating, frightening even, their parenting as different as any human mother. I never knew that some would act like career women, going off on their own as if they have a job, coming back to check on and feed the chidren (pups) and then leave again. I didn't know that some moms (canine) said what they meant and meant what they said and others were very permissive.

I didn't know that she could likely push a baby out anywhere in my house.....and that was ok with me. I didn't know the hours I would sit up or follow her around waiting for her to have her babies. I didn't know I would make my husband run out to the store to get yoguart or vanilla ice cream...for the dog.

I didn't know I would go dogs on the furniture, to "its ok if they want to snooze with me." I didn't know that when the puppy chewed up my shoe I would think it was cute! I didn't know that when they didn't feel well I would have the vet on speed dial, the vet technician and the customer service representative.

I didn't know that because of the doodle I would try out instagram, twitter, a blog and periscope...try is the operative word.

I didn't know that picking up poop would become a natural pastime and keeping my yard poop free....boarding on obsessive. I didn't know that puppies running in the yard would thrill me the way it does, or that climbing the slide or turning to the sound of its name would bring me so much joy!!

Love is an amazing thing; who knew!!!

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