Shadow's Litter - Born 12/24/19

Puppy Party:  February 2, 2019 @ 2pm

Go Home Date:  February 16, 2019

Between 9am & 1pm

As much as we love all our adorable babies we cannot keep them beyond the go home date.  You see, just as we gave yours our full time and attention we have other little ones coming up behind them that also requires our full time and attention along with our adult dogs.  So please plan carefully and please utilize Puppy Kindergarten if you are unable to pick your precious baby up.  Thank you so much for understanding!

A.L.C.A Registration Pending

Our five girls are five days old!

We are just over two weeks old and growing fast. Well, little Gabby, a bit slower. You see Gabby's mom got excited and accidentally stepped on her causing a laceration requiring stitches...not once, but stitched twice. Mother Shadow did not like those strange things on her baby and so, made it her mission to remove! Gabby is all wrapped up now and hopefully mother will not be offended that her baby has a new coat....Mmmm! I love my job!!!!

We are seven weeks old now!

Updated 2/7/2020

Holly - ADOPTED by the Taylor family of Elizabethtown, NC

Gabby - ADOPTED by the Herring family of Ft. Mill, SC

Nikki - Remaining with the Lake Blue Breeding Program

Tinsel - ADOPTED by the Pujols family of Miami, Fl.

Princess Belle - ADOPTED by the Dowell family of Niles, Ml