Welcome to PUPPY Kindergarten

ABC'S & 123's of Puppy Development 

We recognize that not everyone wants to go through all the puppy stages.  How wonderful it would be to receive a pup that is just about there and is familiar with the basics, i.e., crate trained, sit, stay, down, come and leash trained among other things.  Key to all this is early socialization to ensure a healthy, well balanced, pup.  

Lake Blue will always have you and your puppies best interest at heart.  Therefore, we have partnered with Chris Berhenke, Trainer or Robina Thornton of Dream Dogs, to offer you an opportunity to place your pup with them for a minimum one week training and or boarding (Vacations), or up to an eight week training program, (we recommend a minimum of four weeks), which will cover the basics of early puppy training and socialization.  Your pup will attend puppy parties with other puppies of similar size and age, live with Chris and Robina in their home, thereby being continually exposed to family living and receiving one on one puppy basics, cuddles and care in a one stop shop.  

We know that puppies sometimes come at inconvenient times, family vacations, weddings, etc., and this is also an opportunity to get your puppy trained while you take care of business.  A well trained puppy needs lots of positive exposure to the world around them so we also recommend taking them all the way to Canine Good Citizenship (CGC), you won't be disappointed!  This is critical to raising a well balanced, happy, family member.  We offer puppy social parties, where puppies 8 weeks to 5 months can come to meet new four legged friends and check out new places.  Puppy must always be up to date on shots and a copy of vet visit will be required.

Our training package starts at $425.00 per week with a recommended minimum stay of two weeks.  It includes:

1.    An introduction to puppy class 101 - sit, down, stay, leave it, take it, etc.

2.    Crate training

3.    Puppy party (socialization with other pups of similar age)

4.    Leash training

5.    Name recognition

6.    And will take them to the vet for the next round of puppy shots and                           deworming if stay is for four weeks, coordinated with you.

Payment is due when space is reserved.  Only three pups may go into either program at any one time.  Once in the program, payment is non-refundable.  

To Reserve Puppy Kindergarten please contact one of the two trainers below.


Schedule with Tina

Chris @ 919-602-7308

Robina @ 919- 414-6181

School Bus...On our way!




This is a picture of Chris, the dog trainer holding two of the puppies being trained at lake Blue Australian Labradoodles.Female trainer holding two pups