jUsT wAiTiNg ArOuNd

School Bus

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home where they are socialized daily.  In order to ensure the health and safety of our pups and maintain a healthy lifestyle, visitation is only allowed for those with confirmed reservations.  At six weeks of age we schedule visitation for the parents of that particular litter.  When coming from out of state, special arrangements can be made.  Thank you for understanding.

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All Puppies are $3000.00 with $400.00 dollar deposit and application

As much as we love all our little darlings we cannot keep your sweet baby beyond the go home date.  You see, just as we gave yours our full time and attention we have other little ones coming up behind them that also requires our full time and attention along with our adult dogs.  So please plan carefully and please utilize Puppy Kindergarten if you are unable to pick your precious baby up.  Thank you so much for understanding!


Last updated 3/20/20

Bringing Home Puppy





You will need.....


1. Dog Bed x 2

2. Food and water bowl

3. Doggie name tag

4. Grooming supplies (pin brush, nail clippers, metal comb, et.)

5. Diaper wipes to clean hiney

6. Chew toys

7. Leash & collar (Lupine brand is guaranteed)

8. Training treats

9. Metal Crate (doggie private den) Helps with potty training.

10. Crate pad (Serpa) with bumpers

11. Play pen area (for when he/she can't be watched -xpens are very handy).

12. Natures Miracle for cleaning accidents

13. Bitter Apple for chewing

14.  Puppy Tearless Shampoo for quick clean ups.  



Lake  Blue Australian Labradoodles

It is our mission to share the love of the labradoodle with children and families everywhere by providing an excellent, nuturing environment for the first eight weeks of your puppies life.  We will do all we can to meet these high standards and provide for you a well balanced, loving, playful and confident puppy eargerly ready to join your family!

Last updated 1/25/20

Mama Willa - concerned at vet visit

A puppy is essential to life.  Breed well, train well, love well and you get a loyal friend for life!!!

  Keep in mind that your purchase price includes:

    - Two puppy examinations, 3-5 days of age (wellness) and 6-7 weeks of age (first round of puppy shots),
    - De-worming at two, four and six weeks of age,

     -Age appropriate shot and health records,

     -Contract with 2 year health guarantee,

     - Leash and collar,
     -Five Generation Australian Labradoodle Pedigree,
     -Registration with Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A.),
     -A sample of their puppy food lasting 3-5 days,     
     -A plush toy with litter mate and mom's scent on it,
     -Early Neurological Stimulation, pre potty training and noise intergration, socialization with other dogs and people, and the Volhard Temperament test.
     -Lifetime support for your new puppy.    


We love family and friends and we update often on  the puppy Facebook page.  Come on over and follow us!  It's where family is!

Last updated 3/22/20

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Harmony Ann/Savannah - Fully Reserved

Sienna Rain - Fully Reserved

Saylor - 1 Available Reservation

Jayla - 3 Available Reservations

Reservations and Reservations Paid in full: There are paid in full reservations (PIF) and those people don't move on the list unless their pup is not born.  All other reservations are first come first served according to date, time and litter selected.   When pups are born we will go down the list and contact you when your litter is born.    

Breeder always reserves the right to keep any puppy from any litter for the breeding program.

Winter & Spring 2020 Litters

Breeder reserves the right to change Stud as needed