Mama's, you give light to the world and joy to many!


Our Australian Labradoodle parents are....Outstanding dogs that have been health tested, socialized, trained and bred right here with us.  Our puppies receive adoration, stimulation and socialization, all the day long.  So when they come to you, they are very, very, familiar with household noises, sights and people.  Our moms are right in the midst of things once pups eyes and ears are open and so they don't feel the need to leave their pups for very long as they can see everything going on.  

Clear:  DM, vWb, Eye Cerf, Pra-prcd, EIC, IC Carrier

Jubilee's Fancy Pebbled

Pebbles is a sweetheart of a girl. She has the best therapeutic temperament, loves people, especially kids.  She is loving gentle, kind and very connected to her guardian mom.  


A caramel & white parti factored

mini 151/2 inches 21 pounds

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Lake blue Labradoodles chocolate and wite parti girl Jayla

Lake Blue's Misty Jai

aka Jayla 


Jayla lives with her guardian family and has two toddler boys to call her best friends.  She is a great babysitter and loves her mom and dad.  Jayla is a Raleigh/CocoaBleu baby girl with a playful personality and an incredibly sweet disposition.  


 A Chocolate & white parti-spiral fleece

mini 151/2 inches 21 pounds

Hips: OFA Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Clear: IC, DM, vWb, Eye Cerf, Pra-prcd, EIC Carrier

Lake Blue Jayla Pedigree

Swinging Gate's Sienna Rain aka Rainey @Lake Blue 

Rainey, is the quintessential therapy dog.  She is very in tuned to her guardian mom's health issues, even before she is trained.  Her human sissy's love her to death as does her guardian dad and cannot imagine life without herShe is small, snugly and has never met a stranger.

Apricot and white Parti-factored fleece coat

Mini - 15 inches 20 pounds

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows OFA Normal

 Clear: EIC, DM, PRA-prcd, vWb, Eye Cerf, IC Carrier

Swinging Gate Sienna Rain.jpg
Saylor 1.jpg
Red Labradoodle Saylor as a puppy

Lake Blue's Simplie SAYLOR

 This sassy, sweet, angel is playful and funny.  She is the apple of her guardian mom's eye.  As smart as they come,  she has many of the attributes of her very charismatic mom, Tangled and sister Stella Joy!


Red female, wavy fleece coat 

Mini - 20 pounds 16 inches

Hips: Pennhip 60th Percentile

Elbows: OFA Normal

 Clear: IC, DM,  EIC, vWb, PRA-prcd, Eye Cerf 

Lake Blue Simplie Saylor Logo.jpg

Ruby Dee

Luxe Labradoodles Ruby Dee @ Lake Blue

I call Ruby my cat/dog.  She is warm and loving, will weave between your legs just to feel your touch and always stays close by.  She is an amazing little girl with an amazing temperament.

Small medium - 30 pounds 17 1/2 inches

Hips: OFA - Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

A.L.C.A Registration #:


Clear: Cardiac, DM,  EIC, vWb, PRA-prcd, Eye Cerf, - IC Carrier

Lake Blue's Ellie Mae

Ellie is so intuitive.  Her guardian mom thinks she is half human and wants a DNA She loves her family and will quickly recognize when someone is out of sorts.  She then becomes their love buddy for the day. She loves to play, watch television and snuggle with her mom.  

Large mini -25 pounds 16 inches

Hips: Pennhip Exellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

A.L.C.A. Certification Pending

Sweet Ellie Mae

Carrier:  DM & EIC - Clear IC, vWb, PRA-prcd, Eye Cerf , Cardiac

Agape Labradoodle's

Raising Dorie@ Lake Blue

Dorie is such a sweet, sweet, girl.  Her temperament is so amazing. She loves her family and gets along with all.  She is smart, gentle and very loving. 

Mini - 20 pounds 16 1/2 inches

Hips: OFA - Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

A.L.C.A. Certification Pending

Agape's Raising Dory


Miss Lily

Sweet Carolina's Melody aka Lily - 

Lily is a quiet, sweet girl.  She loves to play and is quite the cuddle bug, you can feel her leaning into you and placing her head  into your neck.  We look forward to seeing her beautiful babies.

Mini - 18 pounds and 16 1/2 inches

Hips - pending

Elbows - pending

Carrier: EIC - Clear DM, IC, vWb, PRA-prcd, Eye Cerf , Cardiac & Patella

A.L.C.A. Certification Pending

Jubilee's Harmony Anne aka Savannah: 

Lake Blue's Summers Dew

aka Winnie

Our up and coming female PUP-STARS

Lake Blue's Cheyenne 

Lake Blue's Lady and the Tramp, an up an

Lake Blue's LADY and the Tramp

Trixie Delilah.jpeg

Mandevilla's Trixie

aka Delilah

Elsa  2.jpg

Triangle Trained Australian Labradoodles' Elsa

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